Boeing 767-300ER

American Airlines purchased several boeing 767-300ER in 1987. The aircraft entered service with AA in 1988.

The Boeing 767-300ER has a maximum range of 11,305 km (6,105 nautical miles).

The 767-300ER accomodates between 218 and 351 passengers.

By 2005 some 520 Boeing 767-300ER had been ordered of which 15 still had to be delivered.

In 2005 the Boeing 767-300ER is in use with airlines all over the world: British airways, KLM, AA, Delta, Asiana, Air Canada, Lan Chile, Air China, Martinair, Hawaiian Airlines, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, Jal, Ethiopian, Kenya Airways, Austrian, Uzbekistan Airways, Air Madagascar, Zoom Airlines, ...

Boeing 767 300 ER

The 767-300ER flew for the first time in 1986, but received no commercial orders, but some time later the increased range and size took the 767 into a league of its own with great popularity amoungst airlines all over the world, particularly for longer routes with less demand.

In 1995, EVA Air used a 767-300ER to inaugurate the first transpacific 767 service.

The 767-300ER has a fuel capacity of 91.722 liter. With Pratt & Whitney (PW4060) engines the 767-300ER uses on average during flight 6.250 liter of fuel an hour.

The 767-300ER is an extended-range variant of the 767-300. In 1993 the 767 got competition from the Airbus 330. In 1995 Boeing introduced the 777 and in 2008 the 787.


Boeing 767-300ER

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