Boeing 767-200ER

An extended-range variant of the 767-200 was first delivered to El Al in 1984.

The 767-200ER has a maximum range of 12,200 km (6,600 nautical miles) and accomodates between 181 and 255 passengers.

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The Boeing 767-200ER in action

2003 : with US Airways in Amsterdam

By 2005 a total of 121 Boeing 767-200ER had been ordered, of which 5 airplanes still had to be delivered.

Airlines that used the 767-200ER include: US Airways, Air Canada, Continental, Avianca, Air China, Malev, Lot, Air Mauritius.

The 767-200ER became the first 767 to complete a nonstop transatlantic journey, and broke the flying distance record for twinjet airliners several times.


The Boeing 767 family of aircraft

In 2005 the 767 variants (-200,- 300, -300ER, - 400) are the favorite airplane on Atlantic routes: it flies across the Atlantic more frequently than all other jetliners combined.

But the Airbus A330-300 and A330-200 sold better. So in 2004 Boeing launched the Deamliner.

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