Airbus A 300-600

The A300-600 was introduced in commercial service in 1984.

Range with 267 passengers is 6670km (3600nm).

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Airlines that used the A300-600 include: Iran Air, Saudi Arabian, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Jal, Thai, Pakistan.

The A300-600 was further developed into the longer range A300-600R. With its 4,000nm/7,700km range, the A300-600R has the capability to fly all major regional routes of the world’s main economic regions.

The A300-600 is a further developmend of the original A 300, which existed since 1974.

The A310, availabe since 1983, is shortened longer range version of the original A300.

History of the A 300: 1974 - 1977 - 1978 - 1983 (A 310) - 1984 (A300-600)

The A300 was the first aircraft produced by the Airbus consortium.

In 1993 Airbus delivered their first aircraft with long haul range: the A330/340.

But Boeing already had the 767-300ER since 1988 and the 747-400 since 1989 and introduced the 777 in 1995.

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