Boeing 757-200

First delivery of a Boeing 757-200 took place December 22, 1982, to launch customer Eastern Airlines. Eastern placed the aircraft into service January 1, 1983.

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The maximum range of the Boeing 757-200 is 7.222 km (3.900 nm) and fuel capacity is 42 543 litres.

The Boeing 757-200 in action

2003 : with Thomas Cook in Birmingham (UK)

Typically operators have around 200 seats in an all-economy configuration (3-3), or around 170 to 200 seats in a typical 2-class layout (2-2 and 3-3). The maximum seating configuration in service is 235 seats and the absolute certified maximum is 239 passengers.

The aircraft has exceptional performance allowing it to operate from almost any airport in the world, including noise-restricted airports, short runways and airports in hot and high locations. The aircraft is quiet and fuel-efficient, is environmentally friendly and meets worldwide standards for engine emissions.

Airlines that used the 757 include: Northwest, Continental, Delta, United, AA, US airways, China Southern, Iberia, Icelandair, British Airways (which ordered a total of 50 Boeing 757-200 and commenced revenue services on 9th February 1983).

In October 2004 Boeing decided to stop the production of the 757. The final model was delivered to Shanghai Airlines in April 2005. Some 1,030 Boeing 757 remained in service around the world.

In total 1,049 Boeing 757 aircraft were build, including 55 Boeing 757-300.


From 1994 Airbus had started to deliver the A321. In 2007 Boeing delivered the first 737-900ER.

The 757-200 was developed simultaneously with the 767.

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